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Boost your retirement income with pension drawdown. Drawdown could give you more money in retirement, especially if your pension fund is over £30K. Get started with a free quote.

Is drawdown right for you?

Drawdown lets you keep your pension invested and take a flexible income for your retirement.

  • Drawdown is available if you’re 55 or over

  • Release up to 25% of your pension pot tax-free

  • Keep your pension invested for potential growth

Rather than locking your savings into an annuity, drawdown lets you keep your options open. You never know what your retirement can hold or how long it will last. With drawdown, your pension remains invested until you need it.

Get more flexibility over your retirement income. An annuity makes predictions about your retirement, and determines an income based on a number of factors. Drawdown is flexible and doesn’t lock you into a long–term decision. This means your pension could go much further.

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Access your money when you want it. It’s not locked away

Tax Free

Take 25% of your pension fund as a tax free cash lump sum

Leave a legacy

Pass your fund on to loved ones at the end of your life

""I chose drawdown over an annuity. Now I can access more of my pension when I need it.""

Emily Wilson